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Pastors Jamie & Heather Paton


Lead Pastors


Ps. Pavlo Sydiy and his wife Ps. Diana Murawski share a passion for seeing salvations, lives transformed, and restoration to Christ. They believe in developing a true identity in Christ alone, pursuing the Great Commission in the Marketplace, and discipling believers in their walks of faith. 


Pavlo comes from a long line of believers who passionately pursued Christ from the late 1800s. He was born in Ukraine and immigrated to Argentina along with his family in his teenage years, where he encountered Christ and grew in his faith. In 2005, Pavlo came to Canada to study at Living Word Bible College in Swan River, Manitoba, with a burning desire to personally grow in his understanding of the Kingdom of God and ministry. His passion is to see revival in Canada and the nations, in the same way that he witnessed and experienced the great awakening revival in Argentina. 


Pavlo and Diana spent several years ministering in the Slavic community in Canada. Their Ukrainian roots allowed them to serve in music ministry, children’s ministry, youth ministry, and in teaching. They have a heart for youth to be on fire for God, carrying the torch for the next generation. They believe in building others up and igniting their dreams, gifts, and aspirations for Christ. 


Pavlo and Diana have been married since 2009 and have two beautiful children named Martin (born in 2014), and Abigail (born in 2019). Both children share a unique testimony of God’s grace and goodness: Martin’s testimony speaks of God’s power and might in the impossible, and Abigail’s story speaks of God’s loving embrace, kindness, and restoration for a new covenant. 


Ps. Pavlo and Ps. Diana are thrilled for this season of pastoring The Ministry Company! They are excited to cast vision within this House, to connect personally with others, and to ultimately see God lead the way with impacting and transforming lives. 



Founding Pastors






















Pastors Jamie and Heather were both born and raised in London, Ontario and carry an Apostolic and Evangelistic mantle. They have five beautiful children, a son in law, and one grandchild. Since being married in 1998, they immediately responded to the call and served as youth ministers together for 13 years. Jamie travels equipping leaders locally and globally. His heart also beats for the Marketplace and equipping businessmen and women to 'Own Their Corner' and 'Alter Their Culture' in the spheres of influence God has called them to. Heather is often seen putting handles on vision. She has a heart for empowering the believer to GO and do all God has called them to. She oversees the House of Hope project, works in the Arctic community as a student life coach, and has overseen the student outreaches, “Kicks,” and, “Hoops.” Both Jamie and Heather's hearts have always beat for those outside the walls of the church, desiring to present them with the same truth and freedom they have both experienced in Jesus Christ. Whether you have been lifelong friends or have just met the Paton's, you will quickly feel at home because their love for people and Christ is evident! Pastors Jamie and Heather have a local, and global vision desiring to see the World saved, and nothing less. Pastors Jamie and Heather are now a part of the Pastoral Team at The Summit Edmonton Church. The foundational work and legacy that they have left at The Ministry Company in their 10 years of this church plant is something that will always be cherished and honoured! 

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